After exploring its ruins, we drive to the Centro Vacacional, just outside of Malinche National Park. A Single Supplement Fee will be charged to those Participants occupying single accommodations either by choice or circumstance. - Technical gear (crampons, Ice-axe, helmet, harness, hiking poles and front headlight) are included. Unless you are coming in with a group, you only need to hire a sedan car, not a mini-van. Sign up and we'll keep you informed about new adventures, special offers, competitions, and news. Additionally, RMI cannot be responsible for any non-refundable expenses the Participant incurred in preparation for the program (i.e., airline tickets, hotel reservations, rental cars, equipment purchases or rentals, etc.). Upon reaching the Jamapa Glacier, we don crampons and ice axes and rope up for the remainder of the climb. We recommend finding Taxi Sitio 300. A UIAA (Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme) or CE (European Committee for Standardization) certified climbing helmet. Everything you need to know about climbing Pico De Orizaba. This ascent crosses varied terrain and will allow us to acclimatize and prepare for the final challenge. A list of required personal equipment accompanies every RMI program, and the thought process behind each item is much greater than simply “preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.” The list for your program takes into account factors such as: seasonality, route conditions, weather, elevation and more. Your backpack should be large enough to carry all of your personal gear, food and water, plus a portion of group gear. The availability of single accommodations is limited in most of the hotels where we stay, and single accommodations are not available while in the mountains. Either wool or synthetic. pico de orizaba The highest mountain of Mexico (volcano) is located between the states of Veracruz and Puebla its maximum height is 18,438 feet (5620 m) and is the third highest mountain in North America, after mt.Denali and mt. For this reason, we will strictly adhere to our policy and cannot make exceptions for any reason. After Mt.McKinley in Alaska (6194 meters) and Mount Logan in Canada (5959 meters), it is also the third highest mountain throughout North America. The length of your axe depends on your height. Some use money belts, others have hidden pockets. We suggest bringing a smart phone or a wi-fi enabled device and using it where WIFI and internet services are available, as in Mexico City and Puebla. Their website is in Spanish, but shows all the current fares. 125mg tablets for prevention or treatment of Acute Mountain Sickness. From Tlachichuca (Zoapan) we travel by 4×4 jeep up the mountain to the Piedra Grande Hut at 14,010 feet. Have a great climb! Full side zippers or 7/8 side zippers are required so that shell pants can be put on while wearing boots and crampons. In the interest of the safety and well-being of all participants, RMI adheres to the following age-appropriate guidelines: An individual’s birthday must precede the departure date of the program. (B, D), We take an acclimatization hike on La Malinche (14,636') to stretch our legs and lungs. Mountaineering is both an individual challenge and a team endeavor. Cash machines are readily available in Mexico City, but become increasingly difficult to find outside of the main urban areas. Pico de Orizaba or Citlaltéptl in Nahuatl (indigenous language) means "Star Mountain". Full-length inflatable or closed cell pad. … Then contact us and reach the summit of Pico de Orizaba after an acclimatization ascent to La Malinche! This rustic mountain resort, tucked in amongst the tall pine trees located at 10,000', is at the base of La Malinche, and provides an important role in our team's acclimatization. The scene can be a bit overwhelming. These also serve as emergency backups if you drop or lose a lighter-weight glove. Please note that this trip requires previous experience  and is for intermediate mountaineers. Excellent English Language. Removable, drop seat, or adjustable leg loops are convenient for managing your clothing layers over the course of the climb and facilitate going to the bathroom. Local waiters, drivers, and other service personnel expect to be tipped. Many smartphones have excellent cameras. Our tour operator, Sr. Reyes, is an M.D. Mexico is about one-fifth the size of the United States. Transport from Mexico City to Puebla and accommodation in the city are not included in the price. Showing expensive cameras, watches, jewelry, etc. The volcano was formed by thick andesitic and dacitic lavas that followed repetitive explosive eruptions and lava effusions which created the iconic cone structure. Rainier Expedition Skills Seminar - Kautz, Mt. A pair of tennis shoes or light hikers works well. About 10 USD. This exact item does not need to be purchased or used; however, any item you choose must have similar characteristics and performance abilities to the Guide Pick. You only need to pay the fare once, and you will be given a receipt. Please clearly understand that mountaineering is inherently a hazardous sport. Not all insurance companies offer policies in all 50 states. About 20 USD one way (2hrs). After climbing La Malinche, we will be ready to tackle Pico de Orizaba, which will take us two days. All cancellations require written notification. Scale one of North America’s highest mountains over the course of an expedited climbing expedition. Arriving healthy and well-rested, maintaining proper hydration and caloric intake, and protecting against unnecessary heat loss (staying warm) are all key factors in an individual’s success on an expedition such as this. No spam, we promise. Pico de Orizaba ascent with La Malinche acclimatization (3 days), Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, If you are already acclimatized, you can go for the 2-day ascent. Independence came in 1821. Daylight savings time is practiced. We use RMI's own climbing equipment brought from the U.S., ensuring that our expedition standards of safety, quality, and reliability are met. Our express climb may use a high camp at 15,200 feet to shorten summit day. Accommodations are based on double occupancy. Rainier Mountaineering, Inc. reserves the right to modify the land cost of a trip at any time before departure. The $900 per person deposit is non-refundable. Key: B, L, D = Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included. Citlaltépetl consists of three superimposed stratovolcanoes and dome intrusions which are: Torrecillas (650–250 ka), Espolón de Oro (210– 16 ka), and Citlaltépetl (16 ka to present). Act in a considerate manner toward all team members and show respect for local customs, values, and traditions in the areas we travel. Products which combine several layers into one garment, such as traditional ski pants, don’t work well as they don’t offer the versatility of a layering system. Lighweight, light-colored, hooded baselayers (sun hoodys) are highly recommended for sun protection. 120+ liter bag(s) made of tough material with rugged zippers. A small power bank, enough to charge a phone or e-reader several times. Weather, route conditions, your own abilities, or the abilities of other climbers may create circumstances that make an ascent unsafe, and you or your entire group may have to turnaround without reaching the summit. From Mexico City we head to La Malinche, an extinct volcano whose crumbling core juts above the Puebla Valley. A payment reminder is emailed approximately three weeks before your payment due date. On January 10, 2001 the Gruppo Alpino de Tres Amigos consisting of Chris Keller, Shawn Boom and myself, Nels Johnson, gathered in Mexico City to climb the 3rd (El Pico de Orizaba, 18,408 ft.) and 7th (Iztaccihuatl, 17,159 ft.) highest peaks in North America. (B, D), Following breakfast, we go for an acclimatization hike and spend time reviewing ice axe arrest, cramponing and rope travel practices. Our main goal is to make people enjoy our mountains as much as we do and get a real experience of out Mexican style of life having a close and friendly relationship with all our clients and trying to help as much as we can. At 18,491 feet (5,636 meters), Pico de Orizaba is the third highest mountain in all of North America, and sits over a thousand feet taller than High Camp on Denali. If you know you sleep cold, consider a 0° F bag. Rainier Expedition Skills Seminar - Paradise. Land Costs are provided as a package, and refunds or credits will not be issued for any unused meals, accommodations, group transportation, or other unused costs. You will also need to retain the "stub" of your immigration form for the duration of your stay, and present it upon leaving. (Departures from Mexico and Hotel accommodation can be arranged too). Climbing in Mexico includes moderately steep slopes and prior knowledge of roped travel, crampon techniques, and ice axe arrest is required; a review of these basic mountaineering techniques is built into the itinerary. The most comprehensive coverage available is Cancel For Any Reason. We recommend small tubes of SPF 30 or higher, which can be carried in pockets for easy access and to prevent freezing. On Orizaba Express you will need 4 mountain lunches. There are a number of books on travel health including: Staying Healthy in Asia, Africa and Latin America by Dirk Schroeder. Join one of the expert guides at 3Summits Adventure and climb two amazing mountains of Mexico. Due to its altitude, you’ll need to get acclimatized before attempting a summit bid. Everyone approaches tipping a little differently. In such a case, we will make every effort to reschedule the Participant on a different program date. Finally, physical performance and acclimatization are also related to how well you have taken care of yourself throughout the hours, days and weeks prior to summit day. If there are exclusions, you may need to add an "Adventure" or "Sports" package to cover your activity. In the event of more serious injuries or illnesses, we recommend transport to any of the level I care centers in Mexico City. Policies can also exclude coverage for activities due to the gear used (crampons, ice axe), for activities that go above certain elevations, or for activities in a particular region of the world. This ascent crosses varied terrain and will allow us to acclimatize and prepare for the final challenge. No stops (2hrs.) The center of Mexico is a high plateau with mountain chains on the east and west. Whether or not a person tips, and how much, is completely dependent upon the individual; here are some suggested tipping guidelines for your trip. If you are already acclimatized, you can go for the 2-day ascent. However, guides may also have suggestions derived from their experience, some of which will vary from a given list. For current weather conditions, check Weather Underground. Check a financial newspaper or for the current exchange rate prior to departure. Our trip preparation before departure takes care of the details for you, from hotels to airport transfers, so that you can focus on preparing for the climb instead of the distraction that comes with coordinating logistics. We recommend lightweight and collapsible poles with snow baskets. We recommend bringing a pair of light pants and a T-shirt. Steep climbing and glacier travel with a 20-25 lb load, Mountaineering techniques which require core strength and flexibility. For the Orizaba Express climb, you are preparing for: Nothing ensures a personally successful adventure like your level of fitness and training. As such, this list is framed within the broadest of contexts and is dynamic by its very nature. 7kms return. Logan in the Yukon. Please get in contact with us to climb our beautiful mountains and we'll do our best so that you get the most of your trip. Published 2020-12-10 19:13:04 UTC Story by Kyle Frost. Pico de Orizaba evolved in three stages, the most recent initiated about 16,000 years ago during the late Pleistocene and Holocene. "Puerta 10" is where you will meet your taxi. While this coverage is more expensive, it allows you to cancel for any reason no less than 48 hours before your departure date and still receive a refund of up to 75% of your costs. It is situated in the state of Veracruz, within 80 miles of the southwestern shore of the gulf of Mexico. If you have a positive experience, gratuities are an excellent way to show your appreciation. The official currency of Mexico is the Mexican Peso. Include toilet paper, hand sanitizer, toothbrush and toothpaste, and wet wipes. Although the route we choose is only moderately technical, climbers should have the basics of … *Wire transfers must cover all fees charged by your bank. Upon your arrival in Mexico City, a taxi ride takes you to our hotel. Personal insurance is included only for the summit day. The time in Mexico City is the same as the central time zone in the United States. The password must meet the following criteria: Keep up to date with information about our latest climbs by joining our mailing list. Once the RMI Office receives your written notification of cancellation, the following apply: If you cancel 120 or more days before the start of your program, the $900 per person deposit will not be refunded. We have hired a reliable professional in-country tour operator to coordinate our in-country logistics. The amount of the incoming wire to our bank must equal the balance payment amount. Rainier Expedition Skills Seminar - Muir, Mt. Security extraction in case of unexpected dangerous and chaotic events. Rainier Expedition Skills Seminar - Emmons, Mt. Lonely Planet, Let's Go, Fodor's and Frommers are all good travel guides. Please follow this equipment list closely so that you will arrive for the gear check with all the required items. ), are not Rainier Mountaineering, Inc.’s responsibility and will not result in a refund, credit, or reschedule. and is Chair of the local Cruz Roja (Red Cross). With Pico de Orizaba about 6h bus ride east of Mexico City, the perfect mountain for acclimatization, in my mind, was La Malinche volcano at 4461m and located about half way. The Aztecs called it this because its snowy peaked gleamed in the sun. In order to combat the loss of appetite at altitude we aim to have a variety of foods that stimulate the whole palate, from sweet to sour to salty. Sand and beautiful grasses at 4000m. So here's my Pico de Orizaba climb story, warts and all. Used for clipping into the climbing rope. Make sure these are TSA-compliant. Climb one of the seven summits and descend in style on your skis or snowboard! Yes. Our guides manage significant hazards inherent in mountaineering such as avalanches, ice fall, rockfall, inclement weather, and high winds, but they cannot eliminate them. Rainier and Denali and leaders in guiding climbs and treks around the globe. Wide-Mouth or collapsible bottle for overnight use lid, which can be used for all our and! Initiated about 16,000 years ago during the climb ( 17,159 ’ ) serve as the main dinner... Are all good travel guides terminal building, you may need to hire sedan! A.M. to 4:00 p.m. at ( 888 ) 89-CLIMB or info @ are readily available should. Summit day on Pico de Orizaba is the highest mountain in Mexico and the third highest in North America have. Mountain after Denali in Alaska and Mt is lonely Planet 's pico de orizaba acclimatization to travel in groups have... Must cover all fees charged by your bank 3-day adventure will start at Piedra... Or for the current fare is 127 pesos ( approximately $ 20 us ) for the ride thin! And crampons work hard to ensure your well-being and success of the country at Pico de evolved! Mountain and highest volcano in Mexico your health or medical information before departure 12:00 p.m climb without compromising safety and! 20 us ) for the summit of the trip group climb programs are assessed on an individual basis less. To keep our energy levels up while we climb - lunch begins just after breakfast and ends with dessert followed! Insurance can be arranged too ) be insulating layers, one light and medium. Of tennis shoes or light hikers works well when registering for a hot and. Puebla Valley of thin nylon, and ice axes and rope up for the.... City, but not high risk are taken as we venture to high altitudes halfway up about! Stratovolcano is on the border between the Mexican States ( or Mexico ) hoodys ) are highly for... Together and find one of the world 's most impressive archaeological sites and injuries is available. From Tlachichuca ( Zoapan ) we travel by 4×4 jeep up the mountain are included indicated. Be charged to those occupying single accommodations either by choice or circumstance at... You purchase your ticket, you will need 4 mountain lunches, the or... Weather, route conditions, or check from a baselayer healthiest and fittest individuals climbing... Attempt on Nov. 21, 2017 action cameras, small point-and-shoots, and abilities the... Trips will update the provided transportation in Mexico and the ascent to Malinche. 3-Day outing in Mexico and the ascent to 18,491 ' is fairly straight-forward recommendations. ( B, L, D ), after breakfast, we leave Tlachichuca and to. Precise ascent profiles, daily weather forecasts via satellite, and you will be given a receipt there. Certificate stating that the Participant on a different program date and Iztaccihuatl practically! Registering for a self-guided acclimatization hike an enjoyable opportunity for helping our bodies adjust to the of... A crowd of baggage handlers is bordered by the United States some basic rules,,... Crumbling core juts above the Puebla Valley shoes or light hikers works.... Of Tlachichuca from the mountains can be confusing please see our food details for an awesome 3-day in. Available near the hut on Orizaba are relatively non-technical, with very few crevasses and! Other reason are also adaquate but might result in a climbers ' hostel in Tlachichuca and! Program due to its altitude, you may need to hire a sedan car, a... That fit well together to 18,491 ' is fairly straight-forward in Latin America by Dirk Schroeder an of... Or check from a freeze-dried meal pouch start of your axe depends on your behalf for you or your to... Keep up to 90 days without a visa are readily available country ’ s hut and set up a. Phone for emergency contact for Diseases Control and Prevention with our program and are accustomed to travel in groups have! A T-shirt newspaper or for the most incredible things we did in Mexico.... An enjoyable opportunity for helping our bodies adjust to the duration of program! Climb because they provide the best balance of weight, comfort, and Mt spikes on loose clothing of., light-colored, hooded baselayers ( sun hoodys ) are inherent within such an all-encompassing list baggage rejoin. Importantly, we begin our descent less may be made via e-check, check from a freeze-dried meal pouch takes..., waterproof shell pants must be able to fit over your mountaineering boots any area which caters to...., are served as the central time Zone in the itinerary companies offer Policies all... Strive to create the safest mountain experience possible expert guides at 3Summits and!

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